Goals – First Step To Getting Your Dream Life

“If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”. I believe you must have heard this saying before. Nobody intentionally plans to fail, we all want to succeed in our endeavors but the moment you fail to set a goal, you are already planning to fail.
It is one thing to set goals and yet another to plan and strategize to accomplish it. For a goal to be considered achievable, it must be SMART.
S- specific
M- measurable
A- achievable
R- realistic
T- timely.
SMART goals are known to elicit positive results. An example of a SMART goal is as follows: “I want to learn the Spanish language and become fluent within the next 18 months.
Now here’s a breakdown of what makes the above example a SMART goal. I’ve made my intention to learn Spanish specific and clear. If I had said “I want to learn a language”, it wouldn’t be considered specific since I didn’t indicate the language I’m interested in. Learning the alphabet, grammar and vocabulary are measurable, hence, it’s easy to know if I’m making progress or not. Did you notice how I was specific and realistic with time too? 18 months is enough for me to learn and become fluent. If I had said 2 months, it would have been unrealistic and unachievable. Therefore, Making my goal to learn Spanish within an 18-month timeframe is very achievable since it takes between 8-12 months to reach conversation fluency.
Also, if I don’t make adequate plans and work towards accomplishing this goal, then I might as well forget about it.
Whether you decide to set a career, financial, academic, spiritual, health, etc goals, you need to plan on how you intend to achieve them or else, your goals would end up being just a wish.
How do you plan your goals?
Where do you want to be in 5-10years from now and how do you intend to get there? This is a valid question that you should ask yourself. Don’t let your goals end up as ‘just a dream’ because you have failed to define and take the necessary steps required to make them a reality.
In order to plan properly towards accomplishing you’re set goals, follow these steps below.
Make a list of your goals, ambitions or desires. To make it easier, think about how you want your future to be, what you want to do with your life, or what you may end up regretting if you don’t do it. Write them down because they are all goals.
Separate the goals that may take a longer time to accomplish from those that require just a short time to become a reality. Working on your short term goals first may serve as motivation for you to get serious with the long term goals.
Under each goal, Write down the necessary step you must take to accomplish it, and the timeframe you need to complete it.
Create a daily weekly and monthly to-do schedule, diligently follow the steps you have written above.
Start working on them and ensure you review and measure your progress. You can give yourself a reward each time you make significant progress and achieve results.
Don’t get stuck on procrastination and laziness because if you fail to plan, then, you plan to fail.