What Are Goals – Why Do We Need Them

It is often said that setting goals is your first step towards achieving something meaningful in life, and your set goals give you something to look forward to each and every morning when you wake up. In other words, your set goals are an important part of your success story.
What then are goals?
In simple terms, your goals are ideas, wants, needs or desires that you envision for a purpose, and set out to bring them into reality within a specific time frame. On the other hand, setting goals involves recognizing something you really want to achieve in the nearest or far future and establishing measurable motives and timeframes to help you achieve it.
If you were asked to make a list of your goals in life, you may mention things like having a successful career, a beautiful family, live a healthy and fit life, build great relationships, travel around the world before you reach a certain age, build a business empire or even create something that will benefit humanity. These are beautiful goals that could keep you up all night fantasizing about them but how can you work to achieve each one of them?
There is no smooth or hitch-free path that leads to your goals. You have to be intentional about each step you take in order to do what is required of you. There’s nobody living the life you dream of having that got there by accident or just wishing into the stars. They had their goals in place and worked their way up there.
If your long-term goals seem so far, unrealistic and unmotivating, you can break them into smaller and short-term goals which will then Serve as checkpoints for making sure that you are on the right track and motivation for working towards achieving the bigger goals.
Why do we need to set goals?
The importance of setting goals cannot be over-emphasized. This is because your goals are bound to keep you focused and help you retrace your steps even when it seems you are going off-track. Hence, here are some of the reasons why you should set goals if you haven’t done so already.
When you set goals, each step you need to take towards achieving it is made known to you even from the onset and so, you have enough time to prepare for what’s ahead of you.
With your set goals in place, it is easy to wake up motivated each day because you know there is a prize ahead that you need to win.
You can easily ward off Procrastination, lack of focus, and other dream killers when you have a goal you are trying to reach.
With your set goals, you get to decide what is more important to you and what you believe is a waste of time and resources. Doing so, you can easily concentrate on what is important to you so as to achieve the best results.
Your set goals hold you accountable especially if you are not doing what you are supposed to do. How would you feel when you go through your written goals and you discover that you failed in some areas probably because you didn’t put in your best efforts? Each time you measure your accomplishment and notice you are lagging behind, you can easily retrace your steps and do whatever is required of you in order to achieve your desired result.
The process of setting goals and working towards achieving them will change your life over time.
The truth is that there is no successful person in the world who got to where they are now without setting goals first. This is because a goal is a driving force that will push you to become better than you were yesterday. The path to achieving your set goals isn’t always a smooth one, you have to be keen, focused, determined and motivated before you can reach your destination. In fact, when it comes to staying motivated, you need to be intentional about it. Check out your role models and try to understand how they managed to stay motivated, go over your goals again, envision yourself achieving them and enjoying the benefits of your hard work. This will definitely help you stay motivated throughout the process.